OPN and DoseArt launching 1b1 NFT gallery for artists and collectors #Blockchain

The fintech company Opn announced to partner up with DoseArt for the first time for their 1b1 project.

1b1 is an a NFT online art gallery targeting to support worldwide artists and expand the art market both domestic and international. With the leading collection “8760 hours” of SUNTUR, a well-known Thai artist with his unique and minimal style of work which will be launching on the 17th of January 2022.

1b1 NFT gallery is under the concept of interweaving the Metaverse and the real world by generating new art pieces in the form of NFT and using the tech to verify the rights of holding the work in the real world.

“8760 hours” is the first collection on 1b1 platform. The total number of artworks in this collection are 8760 which represents each hour during a year. Each generated art piece depicts the special moment of the specific date and time. With the artist’s uniqueness combined with OPN and DoseArt art generator program, individuality and excitement were added to all unique NFT pieces. 

Suntur NFT Collection on 1b1 8760 hours

Yozanun Wutigonsombutkul, “Suntur”, is a well-known Thai illustrator and painter with a unique style that catches your eyes at first glance. His collections are known both in Thailand and abroad. His work combines both clean and neat compositions while the main element flawlessly plays a perfect role in telling the story to the audience.

With 1b1 Traditional and digital artists can now get into NFT easier than ever!

The uniqueness of 1b1 is that each art piece is created in collab between the artist and the computer program that creatively turns the generated artwork into a unique and surprising outcome. Moreover, 1b1 also manages the NFT selling process on the platform supporting the artists and helping with the technical problem of this new technology.

Meet collectors and artists on 1b1

1b1 aims to create a connection between collectors and artists from all over the world.

The platform will allow artists and collectors to connect, collect NFT, and exchange ideas between people with similar interests. We believe that the popular trends of generative art in the world market will surely make a good impact on the NFT on 1b1.

1b1 NFT Gallery will be launching its platform on the 10th of January 2022 and will start releasing SUNTUR’s work as the leading collection on the 17th of January 2022. For those who admire his work and are interested to be part of the boundless art world can follow the campaign of 1b1 NFT Gallery Giveaway on Twitter by following our official account @1b1art (https://twitter.com/1b1art) and get a chance to win SUNTUR NFT art piece worth 220 USD.

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About DoseArt

DoseArt is Thailand’s leading art and tech company connecting people with art and artists they love in both traditional and digital ways. They work is redefining the experience of buying art not only by making it easy, convenient, and affordable, but also by allowing people to explore their favorite works in the form of generative arts.

About Opn

Opn, established in 2020, is a subsidiary company of SYNQA operating in Japan, Singapore, and Thailand for global accessibility. The company name “Opn” captures the essence of what we believe in and stand for; a finance that is open and accessible to everyone. We provide embedded fintech solutions where enterprises can easily integrate fintech solutions into their existing platforms.

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