In this article, we will through QuantumAI – the self-proclaimed “1st Quantum Computer” under the name of Elon Musk. Is this a trading scam or not? Keep on reading to find the full breakdown of the project.

What is QuantumAI?

QuantumAI is software that got viral for self-proclaiming itself as the “The world’s first Quantum computer” developed for trading with a higher investment return. The project is driven by a series of marketing lies and dishonest approaches that aim to attract investment from people with promises of wealth. After a series of revelations from the media and various online communities, the information leads to the conclusion that it is very likely that the whole project could be a well-organized scam.

Quantum AI scam

What does Quantum AI do?

According to the website, Quantum AI is the world’s first Quantum computer which “identifies investment opportunities, giving you the opportunity to earn up to 60% in daily profit under optimal market conditions”.

How was QuantumAI promoted?

QuantumAI was promoted via various websites and resources. One of the main websites of QuanturmAI is saturn (dot) satellitestem (dot) xyz. Once you enter the website, you can now open an account and invest in the project.

However, if you decide to research the project first, you will find tons of websites that claim that this is not a scam and is a 100% legit way for profit. Some of the websites even falsely quote billionaires and entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and Bill Gates:

Quantum AI scam

How do you invest in QuantumAI?

The website pushes you into depositing 220 euro and promises that you will be able to “Pick Pick the trades QuantumAI recommends (with the power of Quantum Computing!”. After that, the website says that you can “withdraw any funds in a matter of hours”. Of course, that’s untrue and there’s no information that anyone has ever actually received back money from the platform.

Did Elon Musk promote QuantumAI?


However, there’s a fake presentation that features Elon Musk talking about developing quantum computing for stock trading with a 91% success rate. Then, he keeps talking about the whole project being developed for $3 Billion dollars. Another fake claim is that Elon Musk’s QuantumAI platform analyzes data 100 times faster than any other computer. 

The video that goes around the internet is from an event where Elon Musk is “presenting” – however, the voiceover and visuals are highly edited and are tricking people into thinking that Musk really is talking about QuantumAI, when he’s not. Also, the video is low quality, so can get confused and tricked into thinking that Elon is actually speaking.

In the highly advertised video, the fake Musk talks about helping mankind, going to Mars, and even says that QuantumAI will cure poverty. Then, the fake voiceover actor (or AI-Generated voiceover) falsely promises profits between 1,000 and 2,000 dollars on the first day.

There are also hundreds of websites and blog posts on the web that falsely claim that Elon Musk quits Tesla and SpaceX and is going to start working only on QuantumAI from now on. This, of course, is fake news.

In reality, Elon Musk really works on AI, but the name of the project that he is Founder of is Open AI.

The fake video of Quantum AI – Advertising Scam, Fake News and Teleshop-Style Presentation

The fake video that is being advertised online is promoting QuantumAI as a groundbreaking technology. The video looks like a trashy Teleshop commercial and features:

  • A fake montage of Elon Musk talking about the project, promising profits, and promising to cure poverty (low quality, voiceover, montage)
  • Fake CEO Daniel Powers talking about the project (some actor hired from Fiverr)
  • Jaden Miller, fake beta tester and friend of Daniel Power who “has never seen anything like this”
  • Hermann Muller, fake beta tester with a trashy Zoom background in the back who says that “it really works – made a few thousand in my first day, and over 5 figures in my first weeks”
  • Fake Beta Tester Daniel Weber talking about the project (other actor hired from Fiverr)

It’s quite unclear whether the people featured in the video actually were aware of what they were getting into. 

What happens after registration: How does QuantumAI trick you into investing your money?

The Quantum converting process is simple. First, you visit the website. After that, a pop-up window appears with a strong CTA:

QuantumAI scam

After you enter your information, you start to receive calls from a UK-based telephone number. If you don’t answer immediately, the calls keep going.

If you’re still not answering your phone, you receive the following follow-up email:

Dear [your-name],

I have noticed that you are currently logged in to your trading account. I would very much like to assist you with your trading activities on Lite Gap. Please email me back with your phone number and the ideal time to call you.

In addition, we have excellent online support available to you via live chat.

I look forward to discussing CFD trading with you in greater detail. 


John Tomlinson 

Junior Associate

International: +(00)0000000000
Thank you for choosing Lite Gap

How Did QuantumAI scam people?

The QuantumAI was actually able to scam a lot of people, according to all the information available on social media and websites. Users were investing money and waiting for a return. This is why the whole project was so convincing to some investors:

  • The name QuantumAI is chosen carefully to sound familiar and similar to other notable projects such as Open AI with founder Elon Musk and AI Quantum by Google;
  • Tons of fake websites and fake reviews are published on high-authority websites that have a great SEO score and rank at the top of your Google search;
  • Very strong and ambitious marketing messages (CTA) such as “make the world better”, “makes you €1,320 in 5 Hours and cures poverty”, “Invest now and you could make profits to pay off a loan or even a mortgage”, “A country’s economy is so fragile. As you saw in 2008, it only takes a few people at the top to ruin it.”;
  • If you click on the social media icons on the website, you won’t be redirected for social proof of the project – only a registration pop-up appears;
  • Fake website reviews from fake doppelganger medias such as CNN and DailyExpress;
  • Tons of other domains and websites are currently up that also promote the same QuantumAI software.

As you can see from the marketing and sales approach, it is clear that the team behind the project is targeting anyone who would like to make fast money, as well as people in vulnerable financial situations related to debt repayment.

Who created QuantumAI?

This is still unknown. Public disclosures from online users have shown that Daniel Powers is not the CEO of QuantumAI. Daniel Weber – “a better tester” is also a non-existent person. Both of the people were featured on videos promoting QuantumAI where they talk about the technology. Turns out that they are actually Fiverr creators who sell videos by demand and can read out loud any text that you send them.

Is QuantumAI a scam?

According to all provided information on the internet, it definitely is a scam that has been up for over 2 years now.

Why is QuantumAI still up?

No idea. The website has Terms and Regulations, Privacy Policy, and tons of messages that say that your money is at risk. However, it still tricks tons of people every day.

Where does the money go?

Nobody knows. This is what we know from the web:

As of September 2021, after registration, the system finds you a broker and refers you to their website. Our personal profile was referred to Invest Core Pro where the website and copyrightght is owned and operated by Xertz Consulting Inc, company registration number 2020/IBC00063 and registered address: 8 Copthall, Roseau Valley, 00152 Commonwealth of Dominica. E-mails after that were signed by Litegap.

In a YouTube video review from May 2019 made by CryptoXposed, the reviews are referred to Tradewell Trading broker based on the website Tradewell (dot) io. This broker is no longer available, but according to the YouTube video review, the landing page featured information that “your credit card will be charged by Invest Support Ltd” – a company incorporated under the laws of Bulgaria, and based in Sofia.

So, what is the QauntiumAI?

Not sure, but it looks like the whole thing is a well-organized financial scheme that works as a sales funnel to make you use the services of a particular broker. According to some online reviews, users who have previously used the broker Tradewell (stated above) were not able to withdraw any funds from their accounts.

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