If you’re interested in stocks, you have a wide variety of companies in different sectors which are publicly trading their shares. When choosing a company whose stocks to buy, you’re not only trusting them to potentially rise in value and bring you profit, but you’re also supporting the whole field they’re developing in. For example, if you want to get more into technologies and the digital world, the stocks of companies dealing with the migration to the new stage of the Internet would be a good choice.

Today many Web 3.0 investments provide opportunities for people to easily join the evolution of the online space by buying some of the top stocks from companies who are initiating this movement. Here we’ll provide a little more information as to what exactly is Web 3.0, what kind of investments you could take advantage of in it, and why you should or shouldn’t consider it. We invite you to keep reading if you’re curious about the way some companies are trying to bring the next Internet era.

What Is the New Internet and What Are Web 3.0 Investments?

Simply put, Web 3.0 investments are the stocks or shares of companies that are somehow involved in the bringing of Web 3.0, being through software, hardware, or any other technologies involved. But if you’re not familiar with this concept at all, we’ll now clarify what exactly it means and why it may be interesting to follow.

As it may sound obvious already from the name, and what we’ve hinted at so far, Web 3.0 is related to the Internet, namely, it’s the next stage the Web is expected to become. If you’re unfamiliar, so far there have been 2 stages of the Internet, currently, we’re at the second one. They are as follows:

  • Web 1.0: The first stage of the Internet, back when it was introduced and became available to a bigger audience. Then most pages were static and users couldn’t do much online except read the provided content.
  • Web 2.0: This is the stage we’re currently experiencing on the Web. Currently, users not only read what websites provide them, but we’ve also evolved to be able to create and upload our own content, as well as interact through various communication channels, like social media and chat applications.
  • Web 3.0: The next stage of the Internet will be decentralized. What does that mean? It means that users will now have full control of the online environment, and unlike now when big companies and corporations are able to censor or limit the content, then it’ll be the word of netizens that really matters. Decentralization is in big part related to blockchain technology which is going to be used to secure users online, enhancing scalability and privacy. That’s why the new Internet will involve things like decentralized finances (DeFi), including cryptocurrencies and NFTs, DAOs, and other methods that will prompt this change for a more user-controlled Web.

How to Invest in Web 3.0: Ideas and Tips

One of the easiest ways how to invest in Web 3.0 would be through the stocks of companies dealing with the Internet change. You can easily find online if a company in the sector provides their shares for public trading, meaning is it possible to buy their stocks, or not. Research the stock performance, read the opinions of experts and other investors about it, and evaluate if this company’s shares are the right ones for your portfolio. From there, you can look up which online brokerages or exchanges list the stocks for trading and buy them there. After you’ve bought them, you’d have secured yourself an entrance to the new Web.

There’s a second way how to get an early pass to Web 3.0. As mentioned already, blockchain technology will be playing a key part in this new space. Introduced by Bitcoin in 2009, blockchain expanded as the first crypto did, and got adopted by many traditional and digital sectors, to now become one of the best ways for data storage and transfer. However, it’s still most associated with cryptocurrencies and luckily, some digital assets also are interested and want to contribute to the new Web. You can invest in or trade cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Polkadot, Filecoin, Decentraland, Polygon, and Theta, which are openly advocating for the evolution of the digital space.

Buying cryptocurrencies is even easier than stocks because you’ll only have to find a platform for crypto trading that lists the coins and purchase your desired amount there, where in most cases you’ll be also able to store it as well. Keep in mind that compared to stocks, cryptocurrencies are a lot more volatile. As with every investment they also come with a risk which you should consider before deciding on them as part of your Web 3.0 investments or purchasing them at all.

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The Best Web 3.0 Investments: Top Stocks

To summarize, the quickest ways how to invest in Web 3.0 are through stocks and cryptocurrencies that are somehow involved in this movement. In this text, we’ll be looking at some top stocks as interesting Web 3.0 investments. In our list we’ve tried to include different types of companies, to be able to provide you with a way to diversify your portfolio through them. You’ll find software and hardware providers, as well as some blockchain-related businesses.

It’s important to mention that many blockchain companies still don’t have their stocks for public trading, either because they’re new to the market or they’re following a certain business strategy, so they’re not as dominant on this list as you’d expect, considering this technology is one of the main drivers of the new Web. But we’ve done our best to give you interesting Web 3.0 investments in the form of stocks, some more cheap, others with higher entry prices, to let you choose your own favorites.

Please keep in mind that this list isn’t financial advice, nor is this whole article. We’re merely interested in spreading the word about the companies that are helping with the migration to the new Web and would like to tell more people about it since it sounds very exciting. You can perceive this just as an informative piece, a way to get you started to conduct more research on your own for this topic. Putting warnings aside, let’s finally get to the list of the best Web 3.0 investments in the form of top stocks.

Some companies that we won’t mention but are definitely valuable Web 3.0 investments include big brands like Apple, IBM, Twitter, Microsoft, Meta, and Block. They’re thriving in the current era of the Web and will most likely continue for the near and distant future. Their stocks may be more stable than the ones we’ll list here, however, we’d like to inform you about a variety of options, that’s why we’ll mention some companies you may know a little about or haven’t heard at all.

List of the Top Stocks Which Serve As Web 3.0 Investments

  1. Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies (CLGUF)
  2. Nvidia (NVDA)
  3. Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN)
  4. TE Connectivity (TEL)
  5. Graph Blockchain Inc. (REGRF)
  6. Unity Technologies (U)
  7. Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies (CLGUF)

Cloud Nine Web3 Technologies is one of the blockchain companies that quickly provided their shares for public trading so if you’re looking for top stocks in this technology sector, you can take a look at them. This tech company can be included as part of the Web 3.0 investments here because it’s a decentralized network and data storage provider, offering limitless VPN and a Metaverse where you can find educational materials about decentralized finances (DeFi). On their website, they specifically state that they’re looking to contribute directly to Web 3.0 and want to achieve it through educating users about it and allowing them to browse the Internet more private and secure.

Nvidia (NVDA)

One of the most popular Web 3.0 investments on our list is Nvidia. It’s likely that you’re either familiar with the company or you even have a piece of electronic they’re produced. Nvidia makes GPUs (graphic processing units), APIs (application programming interfaces), and SOCs (system on chip units). We’re including their top stocks on this list because of the industries they serve, while their clients are from many sectors, Nvidia deals with cloud computing, video games, crypto mining, and AI, all components that will be useful for the new Web. They’ve also taken personal steps towards the enhancement of their digital presence, as they’ve introduced the Nvidia Omniverse platform – a place for Web 3.0 developers to create their Metaverse products onto.

Coinbase Global, Inc. (COIN)

Here’s one of the Web 3.0 investments that include the two ways we’ve mentioned how to invest in Web 3.0 – cryptocurrency and stocks. This is one of the most popular exchanges for digital assets and it also provides its stocks for public trading, meaning you can get into the crypto world without its infamous volatility by buying some Coinbase stocks. One of the ways the brand is involved with the new Internet is by investing in startups in the field and integrating services on its own platform that are related to Web 3.0.

TE Connectivity (TEL)

When the new Internet is here, it not only should be more private and controlled by users, but it should also be more accessible to everyone. One of the technologies that can ensure that is 5G. We’ve included TE Connectivity in our list of top Web 3.0 investments as it may have a leading role in the 5G rollout, providing connectivity solutions and enabling users to enjoy a fast and accessible Internet. They specialize in the design and manufacturing of connectors and sensors for various industries with a focus on communications and transport. Their components may be valuable for Web 3.0 distribution and that’s why we mention their top stocks.

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Graph Blockchain Inc. (REGRF)

Another blockchain company that we’ll include as one of the Web 3.0 investments to consider is Graph Blockchain Inc. They own several companies that are closely connected to the new Internet, like an AI crypto analytics tool, a cloud-based search engine, and an AR NFT company. But their main job is also related to the new Web, as they allow investors to access more recently emerged cryptocurrencies.

Unity Technologies (U)

Another important component of the new Internet will be the Metaverse – a virtual reality, using technologies like VR and AR, to allow users to communicate online in a real-life-like environment. That’s why one of the best Web 3.0 investments can be a company like Unity Technologies, known as Unity Software as well, which works with video games and AR. They develop mobile and computer 3D video games and augmented reality (AR) devices. The Metaverse is a whole long topic on its own, but we’re mentioning it here just to remark on the importance of such companies as Unity in the new Web.

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (AMD)

Advanced Micro Devices is one of the leading companies for semiconductor computer chips and related technologies for both tech businesses and consumers. Their shares could definitely be counted as top stocks but their success isn’t the only reason we’re mentioning them as one of the top Web 3.0 investments. This company also is looking into blockchain technology, partnering with specialized businesses in the sector, and coming up with new blockchain compute solutions.

Will You Consider Any of These Top Stocks as Web 3.0 Investments?

We’d like to repeat that we’re not intending to give you any financial advice with this article. We’re very curious about the next stage of the Internet, but unfortunately, we can’t predict if the top stocks of the mentioned companies here will perform well or not in the future. Instead, we’ve composed this article to provide you with information about this very popular topic and prepare you a little more for what’s next to come in the digital world.

Do you think the new Internet will be better than the current one or it’s all just talk? Web 3.0 certainly sounds like a private and secure utopia where users will be dictating the rules, a lot more like the Internet at its very beginning where giants like Google hadn’t had the reach to control your data. As with all ideas it has its pros and cons but seeing how many companies are interested in it, we’re unable not to be as well. Whether you choose to venture into the mentioned Web 3.0 investments or you decide to hold back, for now, keep an eye on the fast-moving Internet evolution so you’re not surprised when we finally welcome it.

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